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Why a Will is important

Making a Will is a specialised task, often requiring consideration of complex financial, legal and tax issues to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

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Why have a Power of Attorney?

In case of accident, sudden illness, planned or unexpected absence, or when you just can't cope, you may need someone to manage your financial affairs.

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Why have a Will?

A Will is a legal document that allows you to choose how your assets are distributed. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the case that your assets go to the Government if you die without a Will, however they will be distributed in accordance with a formula created by the Government, not by you.

Today getting a Will done no longer involves a lot of expense and trouble. Premier Wills will visit you at home, at a time of your choosing, and complete your Will for less cost thatn you may think.


An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to nominate someone of your choice to sign documents on your behalf. This is vital if you are away, or temporarily or permanently incapacitated, and cannot sign documents yourself. Everyone regardless of age should have an Enduring Power of Attorney.


About Premier Wills

PREMIER WILLS are based in Melbourne, Australia. We proudly service our valued customers Australia-wide, as well as Australian expatriates living overseas.

We have prepared thousands of Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial) and Enduring Powers of Attorney (Medical). Our Lawyers and Consultants are qualified and experienced in all facets of the preparation of all the necessary documentation required to provide this service.


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